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Carpe noctem.
Noobster vampire. Known rainbowhead pseudo-myth geek, fungry foodie, nomadic traveler, oniomaniac and @SyazuwanHassan's mermaid. Advertising student, future mogul. I flick with vampires and run with wolves. Take a chance, make a move.
Infinitely, ADORA ∞

♥ xadorax

Permalink Project A Room: Part Deux. Base done and slabbing Purpling on the wall now. A witching hour it is to paint 🌙

#ADORAWP #projectAroom
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 (at IKEA Damansara)
Permalink Colour scheme chosen.  (at Houz Depot)
Permalink Of all the food, I’ve never had the craving for mee kari. So here’s my first mee kari, made by Syazuwan’s mom. #tonguegasm #homecooked

Unxepected beraya sesh at @syazuwanhassan’s yesterday, muke semua sememeh dengan colors bagai lepas Color Run 😫 (at Taman Perkasa,Hulu Langat)
Permalink @syazuwanhassan’s height gave him an advantage in crowds, he caught us these snazzy @thecolorrun hair ties at the starting line 👍 #happiest5k #thecolorrun  (at Jalan Bellamy)
Permalink The aftermath, reunited with them lovebirds.

Thank you for the coloriffic experience, @thecolorrunmy. See you again next year 🌈🏃 #happiest5k #thecolorrun #gopro  (at Padang Merbok)
Permalink One of my New Year’s resolution for this year was to join a marathon. And voila…Color Run comes to KL. Bucketlist, CHECKED 🏃 #happiest5k #thecolorrun  (at Padang Merbok)
Permalink Our first marathon together, Color Run was totally worth every penny and sweat 🙌 #adorawan #happiest5k #thecolorrun  (at Padang Merbok)
Permalink We are Color Runners 🌈🏃 #happiest5k #thecolorrun  (at Padang Merbok)
Permalink UNICORNS 🐎 #happiest5k #thecolorrun  (at Padang Merbok)
Permalink Happiest moment would be when he gave me a piggyback ride from the purple pit stop till the finish line. He ran ALL the way, with a 55kg mermaid on his back. Edward Cullen much 😍

@syazuwanhassan, you’re officially my unicorn 🐎 🌈 #adorawan #happiest5k #thecolorrun  (at Padang Merbok)
Permalink COLORIFFIC 🌈 #thecolorrun #happiest5k  (at Padang Merbok)
Permalink Good ol’ 100 Plus to quench the thirst. #thecolorrun #happiest5k  (at Padang Merbok)
Permalink When people throw color at you here, you say “Thank you”.

Thank you, @thecolorrunmy 🙆 #thecolorrun #happiest5k  (at Padang Merbok)