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Permalink She craved for fries and coffee, so here ya go. Ordered Caramel Frap, and got one Hazelnut Macc for free. So we both had two drinks each, naise! #tonguegasm #starbucks

PS# They wrote my name for the first time, and with a big grin :D
 (at Starbucks Medan Gopeng)
Permalink Food, gossips and Connect 4…Sunday well spent with these bunch.  (at Chokodok Raggae House Cafe & Backpackers)
Permalink Checkin’ out the new cafe in town, Chokodok (Cho, very Perak). Finally, a reggae cafe…ya man!  (at Chokodok Raggae House Cafe & Backpackers)
Permalink We think alike…we all wanted fusili tom yam :D (at Black Canyon Coffee)
Permalink One of the best nasi lemak I’ve tasted, nasi lemak ETS. The sambal, oomph. #tonguegasm #ets
Permalink foxfoxwolf:

have i mentioned before how much i want to start embroidery?!
Permalink imremembering:

let’s hang out 
Permalink Focus nampak, @jazlanzakirin ;)
Permalink Ooh! *heart skipped a beat*

#sitinggi24th #april17th
Permalink Thank you for making it possible, everyone! Very much appreciated =)

#sitinggi24th #april17th #lasvacas
Permalink Lamb chop for me, mmm mmm ♥ #tonguegasm #lasvacas
Permalink Las Vacas for dinner, your second surprise @syazuwanhassan.

#sitinggi24th #april17th #lasvacas